Modern Age Empirists and Rationalists

Rationalism and Empiricism:

For empiricism, the only thing that is acceptable is the reason Validate. Copernican revolution and the bean is responsible for discussing the argument from authority. Descartes, however, moral issues do not accept the same approach to search for the truth, because even recommends in his Meditations, do anything other than what we observe are the customs of each place and adapt to them, understated No one’s trying to change the mores. However, Espinosa did not devote much more attention only moral issues, but his most influential work, most attention moral issues, but they dedicate their work more relevant, Ethics (shown according geometrical order) to moral issues. Filosficas his theories were practically ignored in Europe until Hegel gives a prominent place in his History of Philosophy.The problem of atesmo led, perhaps, to this certain relegacin of one of the most important moral philosophers of Western culture.

The matter of the “naturalistic fallacy”, which says it is not possible, without falling into contradiccinlgica, to go beyond that is what should be, has its root in David Hume filosfica . In his Treatise on human knowledge we read:

“In every system of morality that we have examined so far have noticed if the author, for some time, is expressed in the usual way, and establishes the existence of God, or makes observations concerning human affairs, but suddenly be surprised that, instead of linking verbs between propositions being and nothing – no proposicin that it is not bound by it should, or should not. This change is imperceptible, but it is very important. Because since that should or should not express a new relationship affirmation, it is necessary to observe and explain it, and at the same time as a reason for something that seems totally inconceivable, it must explain rsenos how this new relationship can be a deduction from others that are totally different. “

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