Greece moral 5 Plato

Platny eudemonistic its policy:

In the dialog Euthydemus (278c) reads:

“It is true that all of us, men want to be happy Everybody wants.”

Possible sources of happiness will or pleasure or wisdom. However, neither the one nor the other separately are sufficient to achieve full happiness. What you should do is regulate pleasure to travs of reason, of wisdom. Or deny, as proposed Speusippus to travs asctica an attitude, and fall into the hedonism of Eudoxus.

We can draw a parallel between the tripartite conception of the soul in his theory Platny tico-politics. The individual soul is like a chariot drawn by two horses, one dcil and obedient and other strong, but rebellious, guided by the charioteer or driver thereof, to the height where sunlight reaches directly.

Plato used the metaphor to explain his theory of the soul. Only achieves the balance between vegetative and appetitive parts of the soul, with intelligence travs a balanced collaboration, led by the cognitive equivalent of charioteer or truck driver between the affective and volition of the soul or psyche, Psychic our constitution as a whole allows us to perform vital functions and the relationship with the others wisely. This wisdom is achieved, in the case of citizens of the polis, with through education, which should be a long process to that used by Plato called dialectic, which is way up level of knowledge to get to know the essence of things, the highest level that can only reach the most suitable and which will be offered the responsibility and the honor of being leaders of the community pol policy.

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