Greece moral 4 Socrates vs Protagoras

Socrates and Gorgias Protgoras address:

The truth model is considered Protgoras skepticism, since for l there is a relativism of being and thinking. Protgoras denies, therefore, the principle of discernibility between true and false. It follows a subjectivism of knowledge, which leads to denying the existence of absolute truth universally yvlida.

Gorgias, in developing their master theses, starting from the Eleatic s basic postulates Parmnides and Zenn, advocates a complete rational nihilism.

The truth of Socrates model assumes that truth can be found to know ourselves, that is, the search for moral wisdom. Therefore, in Socrates knowledge and virtue are identified. To do good is necessary to know beforehand. So that ignorance is the basis of immoral and unjust behavior. However, the historical reality was so decisive, says Eduardo Nicol, the man most directly condensation of Athens on behalf of the law. Condensed state the reason to kill a righteous man. The contradiction between morality and the rule is clear from this little, and as we shall see, re-submit this contradiction throughout the history of morality.

I want to finish this sketch of the sofstica brevsimo and its relationship to the moral model of Socrates, through texts, of Eduardo Nicol, whom I consider one of the most important Spanish philosophers oles of the twentieth century:

“Socrates Case pruning appear regrettable, but it was final, and not so in terms of law, but because the law firm reside within the same contingency, arbitrariness in the final. On the other hand, showed that life really possible or not, was certainly not necessary for the practice. ” “The Sopha and practice will be complementary in an effective YMS original: the logos will not be an instrument of pure knowledge, but an instrument of power. Ah the invenciny the rise of the rhetorical and the art of argumentation, called erotic. Antao, as in any year, the sofstica is characterized by the literal im – purity

logos: a transposicin the rationale and purpose of thought, which is indicative of helplessness in the real reason. ” [1]

The only social force and politics cohesin from this morality sofstica

lies in the will to power.Unlike the moral socrtica proposal that seeks truth in the bond moral community of men living in the polis.

The concept of virtue is a key concept from this time originating in the moral philosophy. In the dialog of Plato Crmides examines the meanings of the word sophrosyne, which is temperance, prudence, discretion and moderation. But all these conceptions of virtue has to do with what you do and this is moral wisdom gua to bring order and serenity in the making, understood as the result of good and not evil.

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