ethics and moral values in Greece( for use inside Comenius)

Dictionary of Voltaire, gives us a suggestive aproximation the concept of morality.

“Morality does not consist in the superstiction or ceremonies, and there is nothing common with the dogmas.Never repeat enough that dogmas are different in each country, and that morality is the same for all men who use the gift of reason. Morality comes from God, as light, and superstitions are only darkness. ”

We do however, of interest, citing the comments made in a note Arancn Ana Martinez (Ed.Temas edition of Today), which states:

“As the moral, to Voltaire, est based on reason (and the reason is the only authentic revelation that God gives to men), is independent of religious and few. We have already sealed sometimes purely rationalist conception that does not hold in our days, for historical and social factors and development of our perceptive sensitivity valoracin change the facts. ”

Morality can be seen as an unwritten rule, which arises from the tradition and human customs. The concept has its root in the Greek ethos, which proposed Cicero translated as morality, brass mor (Moris), custom.

In terms Aristteles find the ethos related to virtue. And it meant the capacity of individuals aimed at achieving the goals necessary for life in common, in the polis. This means that to Aristteles and Greeks, virtue has to do with politics.

Drawing on the above, we suggest that there is a connection between morality, ethics and law politics. But this aseveracin must be substantiated.

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